Perforce for Git Users

This is a quick cheat sheet guide for git users trying to migrate over to perforce. It does not include an exhaustive list of commands, this is just a simple cheat sheet to get people started.

CommandGit Equivalent Perforce DocumentationNotes
p4 syncgit pull / git fetch
p4 integrategit merge
p4 openedgit status git status command isn’t a direct equivalent of p4 opened. However, p4 opened will show what files you have checked out that are not yet submitted.
p4 editgit checkout git checkout command is usually used for checking out a branch, there is no direct equivalent in git for p4 edit. All files in p4 must be “checked out” first before they can be checked in.
p4 submitgit push/git commit git you usually have to do a git commit command and then a push. In p4, it’s all in one command, and you submit a “changelist”

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